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The past history of Herbert Wyndham of Earth-9997 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. There are a few minor differences regarding his history on Earth-9997 that are likely unique just to that particular universe. It has been identified by Kyle Richmond that when the High Evolutionary created Counter-Earth, it also was implanted with a Celestial embryo. The circumstances regarding around this is unrevealed, and the ultimate fate of Counter-Earth of Earth-9997 is a mystery.

In more recent times, after Mr. Fantastic would convert Galactus into a star, the High Evolutionary, Adam Warlock and Silver Surfer would approach Richards and warn him that he had upset the balance of the universe. In order to correct this imbalance, the Evoluntionary used his transmogriphication machine on Wundagore Mountain to advance the evolution of Reed's son Franklin to the point where the Celestial seed inside him would germinate to its third tier, a level where one's very existence was defined by those around him. Leading Franklin to believe he was Galactus, the Richards boy would literally become Galactus, and leave Earth with the Silver Surfer to insure that this incarnation of the world devourer would be more benevolent toward the beings on the worlds that he consumed.

Since then the current whereabouts and activities of the High Evolutionary remain unrevealed, however his transmogrphication devices were collected by Mar-Vell to turn a number of Earth's dead heroes into his Avenging Host.



Seemingly those of Herbert Wyndham of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Herbert Wyndham of Earth-616.

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