Quote1 Once the Surfer attacked the city and killed our brother -- Hercules went a little insane! He avenged our brother's death -- but not without a terrible cost to himself! I've never seen anyone fight with such bravery and sheer will! He was...magnificent! Quote2
-- Juno

Appearing in "Skypping Over Details!"

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  • Wilamean
  • Krystilla (First appearance); (Destruction)



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HERCULES: TWILIGHT OF A GOD #3 (of 4) Script and Finishes by BOB LAYTON Breakdowns by RON LIM Cover by BOB LAYTON The Andromeda galaxy is facing annihilation from the everexpanding Fat Galactus Black Hole! The Prince of Power has suffered near-fatal injuries from his epic battle with the Silver Surfer and lies in a coma! The Alliance of Space-faring Species' fleet has been decimated by a terrorist attack! And, amidst the growing chaos, the only being who can unite the Alliance and save the day is—SKYPPI the SKRULL?!! You won't want to miss this third installment of the final, future Hercules saga by Marvel Comics legend Bob Layton!

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