Hercules joined the Avengers some time after Quicksilver left. However, some time after joining he began opting against staying with them, due to the power they already had from Wonder Man. He fought alongside his teammates against Quicksilver, who used the disguise of the Grim Reaper in order to conceal his true identity. After his defeat, Pietro was unmasked to the shock of his sister.

In a subsequent battle between the Avengers and Magneto’s forces, Quicksilver was killed in his sister's stead when Magneto tried to kill Wanda for being a traitor to mutantkind. Overcome by grief, Wanda unleashed a powerful hex which killed Magneto. Hercules was later present at Wonder Man and the Scarlet Witch's wedding.[2]


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  1. birth name, Was named Heracles after his name was changed from Alceus. He personally changed his name to Hercules in order to further distance himself from Hera due to all the tragedies she'd help bring upon him.
  2. What If? Vol 2 #5

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