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Hercules and Howlett revealing their secret love to the world


Hercules was the demigod son of Zeus. He had several adventures with Governor-General James Howlett, with the pair becoming their world's greatest heroes.[1] They eventually began a romantic relationship, but were forced to keep it secret because their queen forbade homosexual relationships[2] and Zeus forbade any god but himself from consorting with mortals.[1] Hercules gave Howlett the mystical Adamantine metal, which was later bonded to his skeleton.[3]

Hercules and Howlett battling damned souls in Tartarus

On the day Howlett and Hercules defeated a large dragon-like monster attacking Canada, they revealed their love. As punishment, Zeus banished the couple to the pits of Tartarus where together they fought damned souls for nearly four years,[1] until Howlett was abducted by Savior.[4]

Hercules. Son of Zeus. Boyfriend of Howlett.


Hercules was later recruited by Charles Xavier's head to join his X-Treme X-Force.[5]

Hercules seemed overjoyed to be reunited with his lover. He faithfully followed Captain Blaire until her death.[6] After her death, he joined the X-Treme X-Men under Dazzler to continue to hunt down evil Xaviers.[7]

He died in battle against the Exterminators.[8]

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Seemingly those of the Hercules of Earth-616.




  • Howlett and Hercules were in a secret romantic relationship in their world due to the Queen's ban on homosexual relations[2] and Zeus forbidding any gods but himself from consorting with mortals.[1] When the pair revealed the relationship, Zeus banished them to Tartarus as punishment.[1]
  • The metal bonded to Howlett's bones is the same as that of Hercules' Golden Mace. The Adamantine was a gift to Howlett from Hercules.

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