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Hercules was a member of the Avengers of Holy Wood who worked for its Baron Wonder Man. He joined the rest of the Avengers when they visited the neighboring Domain of Forest Hills, which was suffering from outbreaks of 'The Madness'.[1] During the welcome parade for the Avengers, Lady Carina Tivan, wife of Baron Korvac, succumbed to the Madness and turn into a giant mindless creature.

The Avengers and Guardians attempted to subdue her, but were unsuccessful until Captain Marvel killed her.[2] After, Starhawk was killed and then resurrected, Captain Marvel himself fell to the Madness and was unable to stopped by either the Avengers of Guardians, he was eventually saved Korvac, who was revealed to be the cause.[3]

A battle ensued between the two barons and their teams, with the Guardians trying to protect their baron while the Avengers tried to contain him by all means necessary. As the battle ended, Starhawk showed up and, with Moondragon's assistance, used his powers to connect their minds to Korvac's, showing them the memories he saw inside Korvac's mind in the Astral Plane.

The memories revealed the existence of a Multiverse before Battleworld and that its destruction was Doom's fault. Because of that, Korvac hid his powers from Doom in order to one day overthrow his tyranny, undo his work, and remake the universe as it was. But it could not happen anymore as Doom saw Korvac's power manifest and sent the Thors to purge the City from Forest Hills and Holy Wood. Both the Guardians and the Avengers tried to fight back, but they were all killed and the domains destroyed.[4]

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Seemingly those of the Hercules of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Hercules of Earth-616.

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