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Quote1.png My husband...the mighty Hercules. Bounding through a line of wine, women and song... And without a care in the world. But is that truly the case, however? In this, I wonder... I wonder if you see our faces every time you close your eyes? Or if our deaths haunt your every waking moment...even after all these years? I wonder if what the world sees of you is but a mask...and you, happy-go-lucky Hercules, are anything but. After all...nobody gets that drunk. Am I right to wonder these things, my husband... Are our children right? There's no need to answer. You've come here for our have it. Your labor is complete. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The New Labors of Hercules, Part 5"

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Synopsis for "The New Labors of Hercules, Part 5"

Hercules, distraught over what his final labor calls for him to do, heads to the nearest bar to get drunk. Jimmy and Robert find him there, where he recounts of how he woke up from a drunken stupor to find that his wife and two children were murdered, with their blood dripping from his hands. Gordon comes in to tell him that he knew about this and he had been rooting for Hercules to complete all the tasks, because he was his hero when he was growing up. He tells Hercules to stop feeling sorry for himself and face his victims like a man. Hercules is impressed and goes to see Pluto (now calling himself Hades again) for permission to enter the Underworld. Hercules, Jimmy, Robert, and Gordon all then head to the Underworld where Charon ferries them across. Hercules defeats Cerberus easily and they are met by an army of the dead, which include Hercules' victims. She asks him if he thinks of them, does their images haunt his every waking moment, and the happy-go-lucky man people see is really a mask. She is right, and tears begin to stream down the face of the Lion of Olympus. They forgive Hercules and give him the flower from her hair. Hercules returns to the world of men, his labors complete, and storms against Eurystheus and Achelous, and they both wind up dead. Later, at a celebration, they wonder where the guest of honor is and they are all told that he had said he had someplace he had to be. At the graves of his murdered family.

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