A talented and gifted autodidact Herman Schultz invented vibrational shock gauntlets to turn to a life of crime.

Early life

Herman Schultz, AKA Shocker, is one of the many villains that Spider-Man fought on his career as the masked vigilante. he used to be a bank robber, having faced the webhead several times, until he was finally arrested, being released on parole some time later. During one of their first battles it resulted in Spider-Man becoming infamous within the Bugle for their destructive battle that severely damaged the Flatiron Building. Spider-Man’s battle with Schultz did teach Peter the importance to avoid a fight that could put civilians in danger.

Marvel's Spider-Man

Shocker returned to his bank robber life when he was threatened by Mister Negative and his Demons, to rob banks for them. He was soon found by Spider-Man while fleeing the scene of one of those robberies, being captured soon after. Before being taken into custody again, He tried to warn Spider-Man that the Demons (to whom he refers as "They") would kill him if he didn't robbed banks for them. Days later, he was broken out of his cell by a prison guard who had been corrupted by Demons, who gave him back his equipment before commiting suicide.

Herman vs. Spider-Man during the bank robbery.

Shocker then procceeded to rob a bank on East 31st, with Spider-Man being warned by Yuri Watanabe about the occurence. After being defeated once more by Spider-Man, Shocker finally warns him about the Demons, and that he was being forced to commit the robberies. He was arrested by the police and taken to Ryker's Island.


Seemingly those of Shocker of Earth-616.


Seemingly that of Shocker of Earth-616.


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