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The Kingpin, worried that Eddie Brock would reveal his real occupation as a crime lord, hired the Shocker to eliminate him. He was recommended to the Kingpin by Alistair Smythe, who also designed the Shocker's suit. However, due to the arrival of a black-suited Spider-Man, Brock escaped, and Spider-Man followed Shocker back to his hideout, where he stole back the "Promethium X" (previously stolen by the Rhino). Hired again to retrieve it, Shocker kidnapped a hospitalized John Jameson and demanded that his father, J. Jonah Jameson, bring him the Promethium X. Meeting in a church tower, John was handed over safely, but after the Jameson's left, a battle ensued between Shocker and Spider-Man.

Spider-Man defeats Shocker.

Despite Shocker's initial confidence, Spider-Man gained the upper hand, destroying his shocking weapons, and, driven over the edge by the alien symbiote, nearly killing him before coming to his senses and saving him from a lethal fall.[1] Later, Shocker and Rhino were hired to destroy Spider-Man. The pair nearly succeeded, but before they could finish him, Venom defeated them both, wanting to kill Spider-Man himself.[2]

Rhino and Shocker ended up in jail, but eventually escaped with the help of Chameleon, becoming members of the Insidious Six, again scheming[3] and ultimately again failing to kill Spider-Man.[4] Some time after the Insidious Six went their separate ways after the failure, Shocker was hired once more by the Kingpin to work with Herbert Landon to kidnap the vampire, Michael Morbius. They succeeded, but Morbius escaped in the end with help from Spider-Man and the Black Cat.[5]

Shocker later fought in the Insidious Six once more when the Kingpin decided to join them together again, in an attempt to acquire the alleged "doomsday weapon". However, the six's combined efforts failed once again, due to the Chameleon double-crossing the team in favor of serving his adoptive father, the Red Skull.[6]

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Seemingly those of the Herman Schultz of Earth-616.



Seemingly those of the Herman Schultz of Earth-616.



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