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Real Name
Herman Zemo
Current Alias
Baron Zemo
Harbin Zemo (distant ancestor, deceased),

Hademar Zemo (distant ancestor, deceased),
Heller Zemo (distant ancestor, deceased),
Herbert Zemo (distant ancestor, deceased),
Helmuth Zemo (distant ancestor, deceased),
Hackett Zemo (distant ancestor, deceased),
Hartwig Zemo (distant ancestor, deceased),
Isla Zemo (distant ancestor, deceased),
Hilliard Zemo (great-grandfather, deceased),
Gretchen Zemo (great-grandmother, deceased),
Unnamed Kleinenshvitz (great aunt or uncle, deceased),
Hoffman Zemo (grandfather, deceased)[1],
Unnamed grandmother (deceased),
Hobart Zemo (father, deceased),
Heinrich Zemo (son, deceased),
Hilda Zemo (daughter-in-law, deceased),
Helmut Zemo (grandson),
Heike Zemo (granddaughter in-law, deceased),
Wendell Volker (distant descendant),
Miss Klein (distant descendant),

Mr. Fleischtung (distant relation)
German Army, Central Powers
Base of Operations
Castle Zemo (World War I era), Zeulniz, Germany, German Empire
Living Status
11th Baron of Zeulniz, commander in the German army, scientist
Place of Birth
Castle Zemo, Zeulniz, Germany, German Empire
Place of Death
Castle Zemo, Zeulniz, Germany
Creators and Appearances


Herman Zemo is the eleventh Baron in the Zemo family lineage. He is the father of Baron Heinrich Zemo and grandfather of Baron Helmut Zemo.

After the death of his father, Baron Hobart Zemo, in 1879 a young Herman assumed control of the Zemo Barony. Indifferent to the times, Herman allowed the Barony to be weakened by socialist reforms as was much of Germany. Herman's need for stronger allies led him to take part in World War I.

During the war, Herman encountered the original Union Jack and waged chemical warfare on British troops using mustard gas. Herman's time traveling grandson, Helmut, became annoyed with Herman's boasting at the slaughter of their enemies while his own men were starving and Castle Zemo was reduced to rubble.

Herman seemed to have an interest in the sciences much like his son and grandson. Herman added special additives to the mustard gas he used to kill the British soldiers to make it more potent.[2]

Powers and Abilities




He was a cold-blooded commander, who used his knowledge in engineering and science to increase the effectiveness of weapons (including chemical weapons).



Mustard gas of his own design as well as more conventional military weaponry


Captain America Medusa Effect establishes that Herman's son Heinrich also fought in World War I.


Possible continuity errors.

  • Herman died of a heart attack in 1921 according to Zemo Born Better #4. But issue #3 shows a painting he and his wife posed for in 1932.
  • That painting of Herman is shown in Thunderbolts #39 but is said to be of Heinrich and Hilda.

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  1. Fabian Nicieza intended to name the 9th Baron Zemo Hoffman but did not get the chance to do so in the script for Zemo Born Better. http://www.comicboards.com/tbolts/view.php?rpl=070405140200
  2. Thunderbolts Presents Zemo Born Better #3
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