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Hermann Schmidt

Hermann Schmidt was a spy for the Nazis who was active during World War II. He was handicapped, but how he lost his legs is unknown. By the fall of 1943, he was set up in Washington, D.C. where he posed as a wealthy man who worked his way up from poverty. His wheelchair was rigged with electrically charged hands that choked his victims to death. He then targeted high ranking military officials, asking them to donate to a bogus charity to help other handicapped individuals in need. While their guards were down, he would deploy his weapon, killing them. In each of the deaths, he started a fire, and being overlooked as a suspect, the military accused the Human Torch as the culprit.

When the Torch and his partner Toro went to military intelligence to protest their innocence, it was just after Hermann had killed another victim. As the two flaming heroes were chased out of the building by military personnel, Schmidt made a point to tell the heroes that he believed in their innocence. Later, while on the run from the authorities, the Torch and Toro went to Schmidt's home to seek refuge.

Schmidt invited them in with open arms but purposely kept them in the dark as autopsies on the deceased revealed that the Torch was not responsible for the deaths. However, one day Schmidt neglected to hide the newspaper, and the Torch and Toro learned the truth. Confronting Schmidt, he tricked the pair into flying into a secret room filled with liquid asbestos and then attempted to blow up his home. The Torch and Toro freed themselves and burned their way through the house to try and stop Schmidt. Ironically enough, a brick knocked loose from the Torch and Toro's entry hit the spring mechanism on Hermann's wheelchair activating his secret weapon. It sprung out and clamped around his neck, electrocuting him to death.[1]


Hermann Schmidt is missing his legs just below his thighs, he is dependent on a wheelchair to move around otherwise he has limited mobility.


Schmidt's wheelchair is rigged with tech spring loaded mechanical hands that grasp around the necks of his victims. The victim is then killed by a lethal electrical jolt.

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