Herms were an incredibly powerful race from the Andromeda Galaxy. They were beings whom have been called power incarnate. Which are capable of draining the energy of cities, even worlds. Colossal beings, who could be as tall as skyscrapers. A race who in their search for electromagnetic energy to feed upon, traverse intergalactic space.[1][2][3]


History of this race is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


Absorbs electromagnetic energy for sustenance. Can transform into pure energy after feeding. Able to disperse its atoms to enable it to feed on a larger area, and then bring those atoms back together. Can travel through intergalactic space while in energy form. It cannot be harmed by physical force, even the blows of the Hulk had no effect.[2][3]


Klaatu was apparently killed when he fell into the sun


Type of Government: Governed by a collection of nomadic tribes[1]
Level of Technology: Minimal
Representatives: Klaatu

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