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Hernan Cortés,[1] also known as Cortez, was a Spanish conquistador.[2][3]

In 1519, the new world, later known as Mexico, was being explored by Cortez.[2] On his travel across the Atlantic Ocean, he had been accompanied by immortal Neanderthal Cole,[3] Clan Destine member Cuckoo (then in the body of a Spanish nobleman) and her sister Gracie Gamble (disguised as a valet boy) (the sister accompanying both[2] Cortez and Pizarro).[4]

Craving for their gold, Cortez had the Aztec massacred by his army, superior in technology.[2] Cole witnessed him destroy the Mayan civilization as well.[3]

In an attempt to stop Cortez, Gracie tried to enhanced her powers, resulting in her accidental bonding to the Demon Synraith.[2]

By 1521, Cortés had conquered Mexico in the name of Spain, overthrowing Aztec ruler Montezuma.[1]

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