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Ramon Garcia

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Synopsis for "Where There's Life...!"

Continued from last issue.. Left to drown in a waterfront tunnel by Señior Muerte, Luke Cage tries to break free of the chains that bind him as the tunnel fills with water. Muerte resumes his operations as an illegal casino operator, smashing up a rival operation by another criminal from L.A. setting up shop in New York.

As Muerte and his goons deal with this, Luke manages to break free of his trap and escape from drowning at the last minute. While at Noah Burstein's clinic, Noah realizes that he left his desk unlocked, and securely locks it before closing up for the night. After, Phil Fox breaks in and takes the book, hoping to find some dirt on Noah for his story about the clinic.

Meanwhile, thanks to a tip from Flea, Luke manages to track down Señor Muerte's secret hideout. However, as Luke is on the way, Flea betrays him by calling in Suerte to warn him. When Luke arrives, Muerte is ready for him with a series of gambling-related traps. However, Luke manages to fight through them all and begins to fight Muerte one-on-one again. When Muerte charges up one of his hands, Luke takes off his chain-belt and throws it at Muerte. When the chains wrap around Muerte's wrists, it causes Muerte to be jolted with his own lethal volt of electricity, killing him instantly.

After, Luke returns to Mrs. Jenks' home and tells her that he solved her husband's murder and tells her all the details before leaving. Weary Luke feels as though something still isn't right, a premonition perhaps as at that moment Phil Fox, reading Noah's logbook, learns that Luke Cage is an escaped convict.


  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story #1428Z.
  • This issue does not contain a letters page. On its page is a full-page, full cover reproduction advertisement for Amazing Spider-Man #122.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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