Quote1.png Right on, Shades! We're gonna be the kings of Harlem! Quote2.png
-- Comanche

Appearing in "Retribution Part II"

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Synopsis for "Retribution Part II"

As Rackham escapes with Mrs. Jenks as his hostage, and Claire Temple beings accused of the murder of Phil Fox, Luke Cage decides to try and learn the truth. When the police refuse to allow him to speak with Claire, he creates a distraction on the roof of the jail allowing him to scale up the wall and talk to Claire and learn the truth of the situation. He also learns that Claire knows that he is a wanted felon. Like promises to find the real killer and clear Clair's name.

Returning to the clinic, Luke learns that Noah had kept all his notes down in a book and yells at him for allowing it to fall into Fox's hands. Luke decides to visit his underworld stool pigeon Flee to see if there is anything he knows. When he arrives at Flea's place of employment, he learns that Flea knows quite a lot in deed, thanks to his new friends: Comanche and Shades.

This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "Invasion"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Sub-Mariner Comics #35.

Synopsis for "Invasion"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Sub-Mariner Comics #35.


  • This issue features a 1/2 page "Letters Page", Comments to Cage. Letters are published from Marc Winerman and Harvey Kent.
  • Luke Cage falls from one of the top stories of "The Tombs" this issue and to his surprise survives relatively uninjured. This is another indication that he has not yet realized his own strength and invulnerability levels.

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