Quote1 But you wish I was unselfishly aidin' mankind like you wanted to--? --Savin' the universe gratis like the Fantastic Four or the Avengers or some other local super-studs? I lost enough of nothin' aleady in this life, man. Girl I loved, lotta good years-- No more, baby! Quote2
-- Luke Cage

Appearing in "Mark of the Mace!"

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Synopsis for "Mark of the Mace!"

Following the death of Diamondback, Luke Cage answers to the police and Claire corroborates his story. When Luke confronts Burstein about what he intends to do about knowing Luke's real identity, Burstein says he has to think it over and invites Luke to discuss the matter in his office. The two argue about turning Burstein contacting the authorities, and Burstein agrees to let Luke operate on his own, but under his watchful eye.

Later, back at his office, Luke is visited by a man named Owen Ridgely. Ridgely explains that he was hired by a former Vietnam Vet named Gideon Mace to was organizing a militia that would stage terrorist attacks to shake the foundation of the United States in hopes of making the people of the States to respect their veterans. However, having a change of heart Ridgely came to Cage in hopes that Luke can stop Mace's plan. However, Gideon's men have arrives and manage to shoot Owen, in his dieing breath, Owen hands Luke money and demands that he stop Mace.

Luke travels to Gideon's base where he tries to stop Gideon's plot to blow up each bridge and power station in Manhatten. During the fight Gideon Mace tries to escape aboard a helicopter, but Cage manages to jump aboard. During their fight in the air, Cage knocks the both of them into the harbor where the weight of Mace's metal mace sinks to the bottom of the harbor. Assuming his foe had perished, Luke emerges from the water victorious. Returning to the Gem theater, Luke decides to mail the payment Owen had given to him to Ridgely's widow.

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with the man called Mace!

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