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Luke Cage

Appearing in "Cry Fear...Cry Phantom!"

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Synopsis for "Cry Fear...Cry Phantom!"

When the Gem Theater is visited by a supposed supernatural creature dubbed the Phantom of 42nd Street, Luke Cage is rudely awaken. After a fight, Cage is unable to beat the creature due to it's apparent supernatural abilities. The next day, Cage is confronted by reporter Phil Fox from the Daily Bugle who is interested in doing a piece about Luke Cage. However, not wanting a reporter to snoop into his background, Cage refuses an interview, which causes Fox to start a private investigation into the secret life of Luke Cage.

Meanwhile, Cage is hired on by Jasper Brunt, who's establishments have been haunted by the Phantom of 42nd Street. In investigating, Luke learns that the Phantom is really Armand Lorning, the midget son of Adrian Lorning, Brunt's former business partner who was murdered by Brunt. When Armand's identity is revealed, and Brunt has both Armand and Lorning at gunpoint in his office, Armand pounces at Brunt, sending them through the window and plunging to their deaths.

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  • This issue features a letters page, Comments to Cage. Letters are published from Jeff Young, Phil Trent, and Matt Graham.

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