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Doctor Doom
When my men reported a crazy black man in the Fantastic Four's craft, I know it had to be you!
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Luke Cage
Where's my money, honey?
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Appearing in "Where Angels Fear to Tread!"

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  • Fantastic Four "Rocket"
  • Mayflower (Mentioned)

Synopsis for "Where Angels Fear to Tread!"

Continued from last issue... Breaking into the Baxter Building, Luke Cage engages in a brief battle with the Fantastic Four which ends in a draw. After the fight, Luke explains that he came to the Baxter Building to obtain a ship to fly into Latveria and get the money that Dr. Doom owes him. Convincing Reed Richards, Luke is given one of the Fantastic Four's sky crafts and Luke flies it into Latveria.

When the ship is suspended in the air at the Latverian border, Luke fights off Doom's army. Traveling the countryside, Luke comes into contact with the robot rebellion led by the Faceless One. Luke agrees to aid in their attack on Doom's castle, but only for the purposes of getting the money he's owed.

While the robots keep the palace guards busy, Luke fights his way into Doom's throne room where the two come to blows over the payment that Luke is owed. During the fight, Doom's armor is critically damaged, making him an easy target for the Faceless One. However, not wanting the man who owes him money to be killed, defeats the Faceless One, who abandons his android body in order to escape. Impressed with Luke's determination, Dr. Doom pays Cage in full and allows him to leave Latveria. Luke quickly makes his exit leaving Doom to quell the robot uprising on his own.

Returning to the Baxter Building, the Fantastic Four (Thing in particular) want to know what happened in Latveria, Luke disinterested in sharing stories simply walks out and takes a cab, leaving the Fantastic Four to only speculate how Doom stopped the robot uprising.


  • This issue features a letters page, Comments to Cage. Letters are published from Donwyn Newsome, Dennis, DeWinter and Steve Fabian.
  • As seen on page one, this issue is Story #1385-Z.

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