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The 'Hero of the Day' was a soldier from the 41st century, a war-torn era ruled by Kang the Conqueror. Like all his fellow soldiers, the 'Hero' almost mindlessly carried out the orders given to him through his helmet – an endless stream of exhortations to attack and destroy the 'enemy'.

For unknown – and possibly arbitrary – reasons, this soldier was named the 'Hero of the Day', and posters celebrating him were put up around the battlefield. The same day, though, he was shot by an enemy soldier at the same time that a gamma storm of radiation was affecting him. The blast somehow threw him back in time, where he was found by Dr. Bruce Banner.

Confused and unprepared for anything other than constant warfare, the Hero attacked Banner. The attack recreated the accident that had thrown him back in time, and both he and Banner were sent to the 41st century. There, he saw that the posters celebrating his heroism had been replaced with ones for a new Hero of the Day. Realizing how fleeting his fame had been helped somewhat shake his confidence in his world's way of life.

When Banner was captured, the Hero followed and rescued him from Kang, having realized that not everyone else was an enemy to be destroyed. The Hero attacked Kang, revealing him to be nothing more than an automated robot. The Hero tried to convince his fellow soldiers that with Kang destroyed and the broadcasts of orders silenced, the war was over. With no understanding of anything other than war and killing, the other soldiers opened fire, killing him.[2]

On his return to his own time, Banner buried the Hero, hoping he would find the peace in death that he had never enjoyed in life.[3]


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He was a skilled combatant.



Gamma-powered gun.


  • The Hero of the Day resulted from an unauthorized adaptation of Harlan Ellison's short story "Soldier from Tomorrow." Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter was not aware of the plagiarism until Roger Stern told him the day Incredible Hulk #286 hit the stands, since Harlan Ellison called in protest. By statute, Ellison's damages would have been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but he settled for the same money as Bill Mantlo was paid to "write" the script, an acknowledgement, plus a lifetime subscription to everything Marvel ever published. In order to save face, Marvel published a letter in issue #289 claiming they always intended to credit Ellison, but a last-minute mix-up caused Ellison's credit to be omitted.[4]

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