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Appearing in "A World Untamed"

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Synopsis for "A World Untamed"

New York City is half under water, however Samantha Dunbar has been doing well by herself despite this, having set up shop in an expensive New York condo. As she searched for food she is suddenly brought to the window when she witnesses a bright flash in the sky and a burning body plummet to the water below. Without seeing who it is and knowing that they will be a target of the Atlantean warriors that patrol in the waters, Samantha dives into the water to save this mystery person.

Sure enough, she arrives just as Atlantean warriors do, and she realizes that the person she has come to rescue is none other than Dr. Doom. Despite the fact that she is low on air, she gives some to Doom and then tries to get away from the Atlantean soldiers, however she runs out of air, but Doom revives and pulls them to safety on a roof top. Taking her to the roof of the Baxter Building, Dr. Doom performs CPR and revives her. Now on the surface, Samantha lashes out at Doom before collapsing into a ball crying about how the heroes abandoned her world and it was pitched into chaos.

Getting the woman to calm down, Doom learns that after the heroes departed Counter-Earth for their native world a sudden flood hit New York City, which Samantha just barely survived. Going down into the Baxter Building, Doom hooks himself up to the computers and downloads all the information there and tell Samantha that he intends to restore order to the world. That night he tells her the origins of Counter-Earth and how it was the creation of Franklin Richards. That night as Samantha sleeps, Doom watches over the security monitor and witnesses as security is breached by both Atlantean soldiers and SHIELD agents. They are soon accosted by a strange black liquid that takes control of their body and makes them work together.

Seeing this as a potential threat, Doom goes over to the sleeping Samantha and injects something into her body, waking her and causing her to double over in pain. Then the invaders are upon him, Doom holds them off the best he can when suddenly the black fluid comes out of them and attempts to possess Doom as well. This is stopped by Samantha, who has been empowered with microwave abilities by Doom, killing all present and sending the black fluid fleeing.

At first Samantha is furious that Doom mutated her into his "Lancer", but she realizes that Doom did so for her own continued survival and that Doom needs her if he is to try to restore order to a now chaotic world. Despite the challenges ahead of them Doom is certain that he will become master of this world.

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