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  • Trumpethorn of Atlantis

Synopsis for "Battleship Downs"

The Masters of Evil are back together, and their leader the Black Knight is attempting to become a major player in taking over a world that has been thrown into chaos. To this end, he listens to the prophesies of Bruno Horgan, the Melter, who has been spouting information about up coming events ever since they were all rejected from Loki's body following his defeat at the hands of the Avengers. As he listens to Horgan and playing Battleship, Black Knight lays out his plans until he gets a phone call from Whirlwind who is still looking for Krang's ship, however something happens and he has to call back.

Earlier that day, the Atlantean Warlord Krang had come to deliver to the Black Knight the Trumpet Horn of Atlantis, a weapon that can summon Giganto the giant mutated whale. Krang gives the Black Knight this weapon as a gift, telling the Knight that his dominance of the surface world plays into Krang's goals. Considering it for a moment, the Black Knight agrees to accept the gift and Krang and his minions leave. In Chicago, Whirlwind and Radioactive Man have been sent to track down and kill Krang and his minions. Before doing so, they stop in a diner where Whirlwind takes a meal and waxes philosophical with the silent Radioactive Man before a stunned diner audience. Whirlwind expresses his sense of dread that he can feel something in the air that is coming their way, and it's bad karma.

Deep below Lake Michigan, Krang boasts about how he's tricked the Black Knight, explaining to his crew that the horn will not call Giganto, because the beast was killed, but it will summon an army of sea creatures that will flood the rest of the United States. Before they can leave, the water inside their craft begins to boil and they are microwaved alive. Above the water the Radioactive Man is irradiating the water. When Whirlwind calls in to tell the Black Knight that their mission is a success he quickly lets the Knight go when he realizes that the Radioactive Man's powers had also killed every fish in Lake Michigan.

As the Black Knight speaks to the comatose Melter about his grand destiny, Whirlwind interviews two new Masters of Evil members: Titanium Man and the Crimson Dynamo. When the two begin quarreling, the frustrated and apathetic Whirlwind accepts them into the group and walks away. At a barbershop, the Black Knight tells Radioactive Man that he suspects that Whirlwind is going to cut out on them and orders him to go off and kill him while the Knight seeks an audience with Dr. Doom in New York.

Arriving at the Baxter Building, the Black Knight and his escorts Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo enter the building, he orders them to wait outside while he goes and speaks with Doom alone. Back in Chicago, Whirlwind returns to his hotel room and begins packing his bag when he suddenly notices the presence of Radioactive Man in his room. As the Black Knight seeks to make an alliance with Doom, Whirlwind gives up on escaping and explains to Radioactive Man that in a world without heroes they've become enemies to themselves, and if that's the case he'd rather die and leaves his fate to Radioactive Man to consider. In New York, the Knight offers the Trumpet Horn of Atlantis to Doom as a gift, while outside Titanium Man and the Crimson Dynamo are electrocuted to death, and "Doom" blows the Black Knights head off. This turns out to not be Dr. Doom, but rather a Doombot that Doom had put in his place while he is out rallying his forces to retake Counter-Earth. Doom, aware of the Black Knights quest for glory did not want to suffer a complete idiot in his ranks and organized the kill.

Back in Boston, Whirlwind, having given up his costumed identity leaves the city by bus in order to start a brand new life.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The Black Knight and his criminal cadre set plans into motion that will ensure them a prominent position in the new world order alongside its "savior", Doctor Doom. Can this small cast of crooks, lowlifes and con-men truly become masters of evil?

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