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Appearing in "The Day the Earth Got Ill!"

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Synopsis for "The Day the Earth Got Ill!"

An unnamed group of heroes: the size changing Mant, the android Amazo-Maxi-Woman, the feral Miss Thing, the Wakandan Panther Cub, and the cosmic powered Sterling are laying into Titanium Man, Master Man, Dr. Doom, and the Enchantress. Or are they?

No they are not. It's only a photo shoot taking place for this rag-tag group of super-heroes. They are ecstatic at the prospect of being a group of super-heroes, even though they haven't figured out a name for themselves yet. When the phone rings and they are called into action. They travel to SHIELD headquarters where they meet with the celery chomping General Darlegung who tells them that their old leader, and team founder Deadpool taken hold of SHIELD's most advanced helicarrier and it's stockpile of nuclear weapons. The heroes are shocked, however Darlegung has proof: One of Deadpools swords left at the scene of the crime. Deciding to take the case, they fly off in the Fantasticar to try and stop their insane former leader. Along the way, Mant thinks about how Deadpool gathered the group together.

Months ago, Deadpool was known as the former Avenger known as the Swordsman. He had met with Ernest, a janitor who worked in Henry Pym's lab who had taken to wearing Pym's abandoned Ant-Man armor and calling himself Mant. He would gather a group of remnants to become the worlds next group of heroes now that the Avengers are gone: Amazo-Maxi-Woman, formally the Super-Adaptoid having gained sentience in New Jersey; Wakandan valet Panther Cub who had taken the outlawed mantle of the Black Panther; Sterling, the remnants of the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic that took form in Las Vegas; and lastly Miss Thing, a woman who killed a feral wild man with Adamantium bones and claws that was in the Canadian wilderness. The Swordsman would train the team, however he would leave them to undergo cancer treatment.

With his recollection over, Mant pilots the Fantasticar toward the SHIELD helicarrier. Inside, Deadpool's sidekick, a little boy known as Cap, alerts his boss who tells tells the young boy to let the heroes come. The fight through all of Deadpool's goons, arguing amongst themselves the whole way until they find the helicarrier's nuclear stockpile. There they are confronted by Deadpool, who has put on an enormous amount of weight. Deadpool explains to them that their world was the artificial creation of a young boy named Franklin Richards, having learned this after slipping on a banana peel and hitting his head. Now believing that their existence is a lie, he intends to use the nuclear weapons to destroy all existence.

The group, not wanting to die, naturally oppose their former leader and attempt to attack, however they pause to figure out their name and their battle cry. They eventually decide to call themselves the Remnants however this happens too late as Deadpool has put on a cowboy hat and is riding one of the many nuclear missiles that have been set to launch. The entire load fires off into space and explodes on the Watcher's citadel, seemingly killing both the Watcher and Deadpool in the process.

The aftermath of the explosion leaves a gigantic rip in the fabric of the universe, leaving the Remnants to wonder how to clean up the mess.

Solicit Synopsis

  • What happens when all of your world's heroes just pick up and leave your "Pocket Universe"? Simple... you make new ones. But what if no one's around to teach them the job? Simple... you get Remnants!

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