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Synopsis for "The Return Part 2: Second Coming"

Continued from last issue...

Detecting a nexus point between the Hulk and another dimension, Dr. Strange has been searching for the heroes believed to have been killed during the Onslaught fiasco. His search brings him in contact with Counter-Earth's version of Loki, who still believes himself to be the original Loki trapped in an alternate universe. Strange explains to him that the true Loki is alive and well in his universe but is still trying to find a means to travel to that world. Loki warns of a coming apocalypse, but before he can tell Strange anymore he suddenly becomes frightened by an unseen being and the image vanishes. In Loki's limbo, Loki has been confronted by Ashema, who makes him pay the ultimate penalty for attempting to meddle in the Celestials affairs: death.

While on Counter-Earth, Franklin's arrival on Reed and Sue's bed wakes Ben and Johnny who come rushing into the room. None of them remember who Franklin is due to the fact that they don't have memories of their past lives. However, Sue recognizes Franklin as the little boy she saw in her vision when they traveled into the Negative Zone. Franklin tells them the "Cestials" are making him decide which universe will live and which one will die. Before he can say anymore, he vanishes right before their eye. Sue is visibly shaken by this vision and Reed tries to comfort her. While Reed isn't entirely sure if that is somehow their son, he promises that he will do whatever it takes to help the boy.

Back on Franklin's Earth in Forest Hills, Peter Parker sits out the rain and has the feeling like he needs to be somewhere. When a news report about Hulk sightings in Manhattan he decides to go out and investigate as Spider-Man. In the city, the Hulk -- giving off gamma rays and racked with pain -- wanders around the city until he is confronted by Doc Samson and a small army. The Hulk only wants to be left alone and bounds away however he is blasted into Central Park where he is confronted by Hercules, Doc Samson and the Thunderbolts. While on Counter-Earth, Thor has tracked down that universe's Hulk and is about to battle him when there is a sudden earthquake that causes the ground to split open and spew magma. Thor is forced to save the lives of some innocent people caught in the middle of it all allowing the Hulk to escape.

While back on the normal Earth in the Flordia Everglades, Dr. Strange tracks down Franklin's blue ball and realizes that there is some connection between it and the Hulk and decides to bring it to the brute to see what happens. While back on the other Earth in Africa, Franklin is told by Ashema that he needs to make a decision, when Franklin asks why he was taken away form his parents she tells him that he doesn't need the opinions of lesser beings. Franklin tries to explain to her that every living thing matters and when he spots a wounded bear, he tries to convince her how important the animal is and convinces her to use her powers to heal it. She complies and Franklin thanks her with a hug, as the creature trots away Ashema uses her powers to destroy it. Angering Franklin to the point where his powers lash out and strike Ashema down. He then flees off into the jungle in tears.

While at the Baxter Building headquarters of the Fantastic Four, Reed looks through his telescope and sees three large objects fast approaching their planet. Reed goes to tell Sue and Ben the bad news and ties it to the strange weather patterns and earthquakes that are happening. When Sue remarks that this is yet another celestial catastrophe that they have to deal with, Reed realizes that Franklin was talking about creatures called the "Celestials" not "Cestials" and rushes off to contact Tony Stark.

Back on Franklin's Earth, the battle in Central Park against the Hulk becomes a difficult one with the increase rain which is flooding the entire location. Spider-Man shows up on the scene and holds off the Hulk while the other heroes try to prevent themselves from drowning. Spider-Man is on the Hulk's back when Dr. Strange arrives with Franklin's ball, and when hit's brought into proximity of the Hulk both he and Spider-Man are sucked into it. On Counter-Earth, Franklin continues to try and flee Ashema, who tells him that he must make a choice soon otherwise the Celestials will make a choice for him and destroy both universes.

Finally, Hulk and Spider-Man find themselves transported to Counter-Earth, they two are disorientated because to them it's like the rain suddenly stopped and the temperature got really hot. Before they can get their bearings, the Counter-Earth Hulk runs into them and the two Hulks, recognizing each other now set to destroy each other.

This story is continued next issue...

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