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Synopsis for "The Return Part 3: Third Dimension"

Continued from last issue...

Ashema continues to try and track down Franklin who has bolted off into the jungle after she used her powers to kill a young animal. She finds Franklin, at the bottom of a cliff, dead, and pauses a moment to ponder what to do next.

While at the Baxter Building, Reed Richards has called Tony Stark -- whom he reveals he knows is Iron Man -- in order to test out a theory he has: Taking a core sample from a mile below the Earth's surface, Reed prepares to send Iron Man into the Negative Zone to get a reading so that they might learn the true age of the rock from there. Sue interrupts them brieflt to tell Reed that she senses something wrong has happened to Franklin before Iron Man flies into the Negative Zone to get the readings that Reed needs.

While on the George Washington Bridge, Spider-Man finds himself caught between two Hulks and realizes what a crazy situation he's in and jumps out of the way of the two charging brutes. The two Hulks clash, the on from Spider-Man's world particularly in the hopes of killing the other so that they are not merged back together. Their fight takes them off the bridge into the water below. As Spider-Man watches them go he is suddenly surprised to see Thing, Human Torch, Vision, Thor, Captain America and Hawkeye alive and well. His surprise confuses the collection of heroes who don't understand what he's talking about.

Back in the jungle, Ashema consults with the other Celestials on what to do about Franklin, they demand that she saves his life. She then uses her powers to resurrect Franklin and bring back to full health. However, in doing so, her mind is linked to all those on Counter-Earth that Franklin created, the on rush of human emotions makes Ashema realizes the importance of life. When Franklin spots Ashema crying over her new found humanity, Franklin asks if they can see his family and she agrees to take them there.

While back in New York, the two Hulks duke it out beneath the water until they are captured by a giant ship piloted by Dr. Doom. At the Baxter Building, Iron Man returns from the Negative Zone with some shocking news: the rock sample he was given ages at exactly a year old, this revelation makes them realize that Franklin's assertions are true. Just then Franklin suddenly appears and is reunited with his mother and father.

Doom's ship raises out of the water before Spider-Man and the other gathered heroes. Doom announces to them that the Hulk that came from Spider-Man's universe is leaking a trans-dimensional energy and that he suggests that with the coming Celestials who will bring destruction to their Earth, suggests that they escape while they still can. On the streets, Falcon and Bucky have taken to stop the looting that is happening throughout the city, however they are given pause when they look up into the sky.

The other heroes reunite at the Baxter Building (with Counter-Earth's Hulk reverted back to Bruce Banner) where they all compare notes and told what has happened by Ashema. Ashema tells them that they must leave this Earth in order to escape it's destruction. However before they can make a decision, they all hear screaming from the streets below and look out the window where they see that the Sky is completely filled by one of the Celestials, who has come to put final judgment on Franklin's unvierse.

This story is concluded next issue...

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