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Dr. Doom and his Generals -- Lancer, Dorma, Shakti, Divinity, and Technarx are battling the Arabian Nights to liberate the nation of Wakanda from their invasion. The battle is easily won and Wakanda is annexed into Doom's growing empire. This does not bode well with the current prince of Wakanda who attempts to assassinate Doom, but is stopped by Lancer. Doom tells the young prince that what he is doing is for the better of the world and order Lancer to keep an eye on the boy prince to make sure he stays out of trouble.

Doom then meets with Ashema and he goats her into battling him, and she briefly manages to restore her Celestial might, much to Doom's plans, Doom is impressed with her future potential. As Lancer deals with the unruly prince who likens her loyalty to Doom as slavery, Doom completes his appointed goal in Wakanda: To fire a beam of magic and technology at a mountain range to act as a mystical/technological pylon into space, a task that he has done across the world during his time attempting to tame Counter-Earth.

They all return to San Francisco, the home of Shakti where Dorma begins plotting with Divinity, Shakti and Technarx to rebel against Doom and take control of the world for themselves, they decide that they first step in this plan would be to deal with Doom's loyal minion Lancer. With Dorma going to seduce Doom, the others take their attack against Lancer and the Wakandan prince. Shakti strikes first using her magics to make both believe in a realistic illusion. However, Lancer's powers make her immune to Shakti's magics and she easily defeats her in battle. While her back is turn she is struck by Technarx who infects her with it's transmode virus.

While Dorma convinces Doom to take off his armor for a romantic tryst, Lancer once again proves immune to Technarx's transmode virus, however she is dropped in the water below by Divinity with the Wakandan prince jumping after her. Dorma, suddenly reveals herself to be the Dreaming Celestial in disguise and attacks Doom, however this is a trick as well, and "Doom" turns out to be the repowered Ashema.

While the real Doom saves Lancer and the Wakandan prince, his betraying general concede leadership back to him as Ashema clashes with the Dreaming Celestial. This is the catalyst that completes Doom's plan and transports Counter-Earth into the Earth-616 dimension where it cannot be so easily tampered with. With his mission succeeded and Ashema and the Dreaming Celestial seemingly perished, Doom claims sovernty over Counter-Earth as his own, with his once-more loyal generals who were in reality just manipulated by the Dreaming Celestial.

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