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Heroes Reborn Vol 2 2 Pacheco Variant.jpgHidden Gem Variant
Heroes Reborn Vol 2 2 Trading Card Variant.jpgTrading Card Variant
Heroes Reborn Vol 2 2 Veregge Variant.jpgVeregge Variant

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This comic will be released on May 12, 2021.

Solicit Synopsis

Make way for the adventures of Marvel’s Mightiest Megastar, the all-powerful Hyperion! When America’s solar-powered, super-sentinel of liberty looks to return his archenemy Victor Von Doom to the other-dimensional prison of the Negative Zone, mighty Hyperion must deal with a breakout of his most powerful enemies, such as Ultron, General Annihilus and the Immortal Hulk. Plus: A special backup tale starring Blade, Earth’s last living vampire.

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