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Quote1 We never should have been heroes for hire, Misty. We should have just been heroes. Quote2
Colleen Wing[src]



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During the Civil War; Misty Knight and Colleen Wing were contacted by Iron Man, Reed Richards, and Spider-Man to reform Heroes for Hire in order to track down superhumans refusing to comply with the Superhuman Registration Act. Initially hesitant, the pair eventually created a team including Shang-Chi, Humbug, Orka, Black Cat, Paladin and a new Tarantula.[1] After the murder of Goliath in battle, they made plans to take on Captain America.[2]

After learning Captain America's location from a Pixiu, the team (minus Orka and Tarantula) tracked him down. While Misty and the team just wanted to talk and find a peaceful solution, they were betrayed by Paladin. Paladin disabled the team with knock-out gas and attempted to capture Captain America. Shang-Chi's martial arts training had allowed him to hold his breath long enough to avoid the effects of the gas. Shang-Chi defeated Paladin and switched his uniform with Captain America. When S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived, Paladin was unintentionally taken into custody.[3]

Shortly thereafter, Captain America and the Heroes For Hire parted ways, and the Secret Avengers abandon their now-compromised base. Meanwhile, the Heroes For Hire discovered a black-market operation that surgically implanted superhumans with Skrull organs that would endow those who had the operation with Skrull-shapeshifting abilities. Several of these hybrid Skrull-villains busted Misty Knight's old foe Ricadonna from prison. Ricadonna destroyed the Heroes' headquarters by sending an explosive package, and put hits out on the entire team. Most notable of these were Insecticide (the hitman sent to kill Humbug — Humbug neutralized him with help from his pet killer bees), Shadowstalker (an old foe of Shang Chi sent to kill him--Shang Chi quickly humiliated him), and the gang of ninjas that attacked Tarantula when she was with her father. After they murdered her father, Tarantula killed the entire gang herself. The team split up in search of Ricadonna — while Misty Knight and Colleen Wing tried to shake up the Toddler for information, Humbug used his flies to discover Ricadonna's base--and also that she had somehow gained superpowers. This led to a fight against Ricadonna who's Skrull organ business they stopped and who they believed they had killed.[4]

Heroes For Hire were then paid to locate and put a stop to the Death Cadre, a dangerous group of thieves who had been using advanced exoskeletons to aid in their robberies, with no regard for the collateral damage or death they left in their wake. The investigation led them to stop a plot to destroy the Statue of Liberty as part of a plan by Grim Reaper to set himself up as an untraceable terrorist for hire. While they were on this investigation Humbug was held captive by the Headmen, when some of the team arrived to rescue them Orka was killed by a Doombot.[5]

The team disbanded after the events of World War Hulk resulted in the death of Humbug, and with many members leaving due to conflicting opinions on how the team should work.[6]

After being kidnapped and held prisoner by Puppet Master[7] following a false pregnancy[8], Misty was forced to act as a liaison for a new, loose-knit Heroes for Hire, employing Moon Knight, Falcon, Black Widow, Silver Sable, and Ghost Rider in various missions to stop a drug cartel pushing the Atlantean-manufactured drug Hook, before being rescued by Paladin and ex-boyfriend Iron Fist.[9] Following her release, she and Paladin officially restarted Heroes for Hire, briefly employing Spider-Man in their first mission against Batroc and his Brigade.[10]



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