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Synopsis for "Heroes and Villains"

At the Vault, the maximum security detention center for super-humans in Colarado, a SHIELD ship lands with a last minute prisoner drop-off. The Guardsmen are almost immediately disabled by an unseen assailant and the prisoner himself while the two SHIELD agents watch. The four then release many of the Vault's prisoners and escape in the SHIELD craft while a mysterious woman in white watches. The foursome report to their Master who orders them to wait for thier next mission.

In the New York headquarters of Oracle Incorporated, Danny Rand AKA Iron Fist, is training when he hears of the breakout at the Vault. Jim Hammond (the android who was the original Human Torch and is acting head of Oracle) consults with Danny; both agree, something has to be done about the lack of heroes in the world.

In the American Southwest, the Hulk is leaping through the sky when he is knocked unconscious by the U-Foes, Vapor, Ironclad, Vector, and X-Ray who then attach a device to the Hulk's neck.

Iron Fist confronts his old friend, Luke Cage (once known as Power Man) and asks him to work together again, but Luke has no interest.

At the United Nations in New York, several top scientists are taken hostage with the Hulk somehow involved and Danny goes to free the hostages. He is joined by the woman in white who reveals herself to be the White Tiger. They agree to work together and observe the U-Foes, with the Hulk downloading the knowledge of the scientists. Hercules smashes his way in and Fist and Tiger leap in to help him. While TW battles Vector, IF confronts the Hulk and removes the control disk from his neck. With the Hulk free, the four heroes defeat the U-Foes who then flee.

Following the incident, it's revealed that the control/knowledge-transfer disks were a product of the Controller. While being interviewed, Iron Fist proclaims the creation of Heroes For Hire; a group which act as hired employees to those needing help for a nominal fee donated to one of Oracle's charitable causes. Heroes For Hire's first three members are Hercules, White Tiger and Iron Fist.

Unknown to the newly born H4H, they are being watched by the U-Foes' master, who is none other than the Master of the World who has the Controller held captive.



  • The Black Knight appears in the cover as if he was a member of the team or at least a part of the plot. He only appears in the comic in a flashback where Hercules thinks about the Avengers.

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