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Quote1 Perfectly. All will be done as you have ordered......Master. Quote2
Jim Hammond

Appearing in "Misalliances! The Conclusion"

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  • Recovery aircraft

Synopsis for "Misalliances! The Conclusion"

The Wild Pack and the Heroes for Hire face off against each other. And while the Heroes battle well, the Wild Pack eventually defeats them all except Deadpool who teleports away.

In New York, White Tiger, Thena and the kids have returned thanks to transport provided by Hammond, who informs them that Iron Fist's team had lost contact. Inside Oracle, Ant-Man discovers that the computers are tracking the rising of Hydra Island for Luke Cage.

In Symkaria, Danny is going to negotiate with Silver Sable and Luke contacts the Master. The Master reveals Hessler was in his employ, and fled when he realized the Master's plans. The Master instructs Luke to attach one of the Controller's discs to Hessler so Eshu can download Hessler's knowledge.

Deadpool breaks Colleen and Misty free, easily overpowering Madcap and giving them their weapons back. The three run into Luke and they all find Hessler. Danny and Sable enter and Danny explains that Hessler is looking for a counter-measure to the genetic weapon he created.

The Master's hologram suddenly appears from Luke's communication device, urging him to strike. Luke slaps the disc on Hessler and is forced to face off against his H4H teammates and Sable. Madcap and Paladin arrive on the scene and misread the situation, adding some confusion, allowing Luke to knock Sable and Colleen out. The Master's forces arrive via teleportation and grab both Luke and the scientist before teleporting out again.

The Master communicates with another pawn, instructing him to lead the Heroes For Hire to him so that they (specifically Danny Rand) can be killed. At Oracle Inc HQ, the Master's pawn, Jim Hammond (aka the original Human Torch) agrees.

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