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Synopsis for "The Dragon of Wall Street"

In the offices of financier Malcolm Keith, he communes with a dark magickal force, plotting to pit the pendragon (aka Dane Whitman aka the Black Knight) against his enemy. The force promises Keith Avalon if all goes according to plan.

Jim Hammonds office at Oracle Inc.; Jim is in a meeting with FBI agent Bala Nenon and SEC agent Charlie Boatner, who would like Dane to explore financier Malcolm Drake who they believe to be a dragon, using his magic to affect financial markets. The two agents make their intentions clear, stop Drake at all costs.

The private investigations firm of Nightwing Restorations, where Mist Knight is working. White Tiger attacks her over the affections of Iron Fist. Misty is able to talk her down, offering to turn away if Danny chooses Tiger over her. Tiger leaves, unable to deal with her feelings.

Back at Oracle... Luke and Scott are messing with She-Hulk's head when she gets tired of listening to the narrator and fires him. The narrator tries to recover, but She-Hulk lets the elevator doors close, befuddling Scott and Luke.

In the offices of financier Malcolm Drake, his receptionist informs him the Pendragon is here to see him. Dane is showed in where he is able to see past Drake's magic and see him for the dragon he is, not the human guise he has assumed. Rather than fighting, Dane merely check to see that Drake hasn't been using his magical powers to manipulate the gold market. Drake assures Dane he only uses his intellect and Dane leaves. Dane leaves, thinking Drake might be a good ally for Avalon when Drake seemingly springs up from the shadows/darkness. Drake fires a blast of mystical energy at him. Dane calls upon his armour but Drake is nowhere to be seen. In Drake's offices, Dane appears, with tendrils of darkness coming from him and shoots at Drake only to disappear a moment later. Drake is able to deflect the bullets since they are teflon-coated, not pure metal. Dane, upon Strider, appears at the window and calls him out to battle. The two battle, but Dane decides to take the fight away from the cityscape lest innocents be endangered. He realizes that both he and Drake are being strongly motivated by anger. Dane settles down on the Statue of Liberty and suggests the two combatants finish the affair.

The IRS offices, Manhattan, Mr Boatner and Mr Nenon comment that their boss has "the two fools at each others' throats" when Dane shows up. He carries with him the head of Drake's dragon form and claims to have conquered him in battle. Using his ability to pierce magical veils, he sees the federal agents for what they truly are, trolls. Drake appears, healthy, having used a spell to hid his appearance. Dane explains that he and the dragon were able to overcome the anger spell cast on them. Dane demands to know who their master is.

Back where this story started, Malcolm Keith's offices, Dane crashes through the window and calls him out for who he really is, Malekith, the Dark Elf. Dane maneuvers Malekith in front of the window where Drake is waiting. Malekith attempts to slip into the shadows to escape by Drake uses his flame breath.

A short time later, Drake has discovers that Malekith was his principal rival in the gold market. Dane senses the presence of a powerful malignant force, but is unsure of its origin. Drake and Dane go their separate ways as allies.


  • "Bala Nenon" and "Charlie Boatner" are real people who won the right to have their names used in auction for charity
  • She-Hulk broke the fourth wall to fire the narrator.

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