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Appearing in "Force Majeure!"

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  • Thor (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for "Force Majeure!"

The Siege of Wundagore, Part One

At the Haven, a castle on the Hudson River which has been acting as the surrogate home for the Knights of Wundagore, Bova informs the White Tiger of all that has happened in her absence. She tells of how Exodus and the Acolytes took over Wundagore and that the High Evolutionary's own genetic structure was unstable, causing him to shift between states of power to the level of a sub-human. White Tiger is then introduced to the remaining New Men, who are preparing to retake Wundagore but do not know her. She reveals how she was created to battle and destroy the Man-Beast, the Evolutionary's greatest failure who has plagued him for years.

The High Evolutionary arrives and questions the Tiger about her hunt for the Man-Beast. She reveals that she's not been able to find him since he escaped from the Vault. She offers the Heroes for Hire's assistance in re-taking Wundagore and leaves to retrieve them, watched by Lord Anon.

At Oracle Inc, Danny Rand (Iron Fist) has returned from his time away to find a family in the mix of people who make up Oracle; Dane Whitman (The Black Knight), Scott Lang (Ant-Man), (The Eternal) Thena, Jim Hammond (Oracle CEO), Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk), and Luke Cage. White Tiger arrives, tired from her trip, asking for help. Hammond feels the team should live up to its other obligations but Danny thinks it's time to prove the emphasis lies on heroes not for hire. Hammond agrees to cover the team for 24 hours while the team goes on the mission. Danny confronts the White Tiger apologizing for hurting her feelings but he doesn't love her, he loves Misty.

Back at the Haven, Lord Anon informs the Evolutionary that the Knights' leader, Quicksilver is still absent. This angers the Evolutionary who believes that Quicksilver has been a disappointment to him. Lord Anon takes special note of a sceptre the Evolutionary's created to house and channel Isotope E, the powerful mutagenic. The Evolutionary decrees that the Knights will not wait for Quicksilver.

In an Atlantean jet, the Heroes rocket towards the Haven. Dane worries about facing Exodus again having learned that, while in the body of his ancestor, he trapped Exodus in a cave where he remained for centuries. When they arrive at the Haven, they meet the Knights, who are less than impressed with the Heroes. When Lord Anon shows, he is surprised to see White Tiger has returned so soon. White Tiger loses control and attacks him. Anon strikes Tiger down and is about to deliver the killing stroke when Dany intervenes. Lord Gator smashes him away and Luke returns the favour. The two teams face off for battle. The Black Knight tests his swordsmanship against Sir Ram. Iron Fist finds his reflexes matched by Lord Tyger. Ant-Man finds himself initially afraid to hurt Lady Vermin but defeats her uneasily with his bioelectric blast. Luke Cage finds Lady Ursula more resilient than he initially thought.

The High Evolutionary arrives to find the battle and blasts the Heroes with his Isotope E sceptre and orders the team to leave for Wundagore, leaving White Tiger lying injured and the Heroes devolved to mostly mindless subhumans.


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