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The Siege of Wundagore, Part Three

Danny uses his Iron Fist to aid Dr Foster's healing of the White Tiger while the Black Knight fills Jim Hammond in on what's going on. Quicksilver picks up from where Dane left off. Hammond's puzzled by Lord Anon and why Tiger attacked him, when she arrives and claims he's the Man-Beast, the very creature she was created to destroy. Suddenly, Ant-Man begins to devolve and loses control of himself. Cage is able to knock the wind out of him and he reverts to human. The only hope they Heroes have to re-stabilize themselves is with the High Evolutionary and Isotope E. Hammond dispatches them, both to cure themselves and to protect the world from Isotope E.

At Wundagore, the Knights have confronted the Man-Beast who has felled, but not killed, the High Evolutionary. Lady Vermin uses her force blast and the Knights attack while he's distracted. Bova carries her lord away while the Man-Beast uses the scepter of Isotope E to focus his psi-blasts and forces the Knights away.

Exodus and the Acolytes arrive and Exodus fights Man-Beast while the Knights and Acolytes do battle.

High over the Atlantic (but getting closer), the Heroes, along with Thena and She-Hulk. The Heroes are worried of the dangers of the unpredictability that they may revert to subhuman, especially Ant-Man who fears he can never be around his daughter again. Quicksilver assures them he can convince the Evolutionary to restore them and has sent for Lord Delphis, the Knights' scientist to come and help.

At Wundagore, the battle continues ans Bova cares for her lord, questioning the nature of the Knights; are they merely animals or created for something better?

The Heroes are in Transian air space, and Quicksilver instructs them to check the armory first. Luke and Danny discuss their devolution, and Danny reassures Luke that no matter what happens to their bodies, they'll always be the same soul. Luke pokes fun. They arrive and Quicksilver does a reconnaissance, finding signs of battle, blood in the armory but no sign of the Knights or the Evolutionary. As they enter the armory, White Tiger detects the blood of the Knights as well as those of humans. Thena finds the Evolutionary's helmet kicked to one side. The team is surprised to find Exodus and the Man-Beast have now joined forces and the Knights and Acolytes stand together as Man-Beast claims to have the Evolutionary hostage. Quicksilver attacks, but is knocked out by Exodus and the Man-Beast's psi-shields. The Heroes attack, only to be faced with the combined might of the Acolytes and the Knights. The Heroes are outnumbered and fall, but Luke devolves, and struggles to remain his identity. The Man-Beast taunts him and he attacks, but the Man-Beast re-evolves him, pushing him into unconsciousness. The Man-Beast and Exodus stand above the fallen Heroes.


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