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The team (Iron Fist, Luke Cage, White Tiger and the Black Knight) are battling a mish-mash of super-villains (Shockwave, Orka, Killer Shrike and Whiplash) aboard the USS Intrepid, a former military vessel now serving as a museum. During the battle, White Tiger changes to her tiger form to defeat Whiplash.

After the battle, Misty Knight, Danny's love interest, who contacted them, takes the criminals into custody.

In the Master's stronghold, the U-Foes refuse to follow the Master's orders to allow themselves to be captured in a mission to throw the Heroes off their track, and inform him that this will be their last mission for him.

Dane has a vision of his trip through time and admits he fears he's going mad just before Iron Fist contacts the team with a lead on the U-Foes. The team meets him at Laguardia Airport where Danny explains that the Controller has been slipping his control disks on wealthy businessmen. The U-Foes and Controller appear and attack the Heroes. After Luke defeats Ironclad, he is attacked by Iron Fist who is under the control of the Controller , and the two fight. White Tiger destroys the control disk, freeing Danny. Vector attempts to activate his teleporter but when he does, the U-Foes and Controller are electrocuted and lose consciousness. From his watchpoint the Master details how he planned the event, and the U-Foes will remain comatose until he needs them. As for the Controller, the Master had implanted a control device in his brain, but it is now destroyed and if he should ever awake, will be free to act on his own.

At Oracle, someone attempts to force entry, and Sersi appears, demanding Dane. She is hysterical, ranting about the Celestials and the collapses.

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