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Synopsis for "Into the Depths!"

Dane is visiting Sersi in Oracle's medical wing, where he contemplates their relationship and is comforted by Jane Foster, the staff nurse.

White Tiger is training with the practice droids when distracted by Danny. She loses her anger, and trashes the robot, partially turning into her tiger form. Danny apologizes, and apologizes again, for their last practice session when she transformed into a tiger at his provocation. Tiger reveals her embarrassment came from a loss of control and that she is not a woman who becomes a tiger, but a tiger who can become a woman.

Jim Hammond seems to be talking to a pop machine when Luke walks by. Hammond dismisses it as talking out loud and resumes his conversation when Luke leaves. Luke then contacts the Master through a holographic communication device. Luke updates the Master on recent events (Sersi's arrival) until Danny walks in on them. Danny is about to reveal the true reason he formed the Heroes for Hire when they are called to the infirmary.

Sersi has awoken and tells of how she was flung from the time steam into Lemuria and confronted (the believed dead) Ghaur who held Thena captive. Ghaur reveals he is now considered the god of the Deviants and seeks to create an Anti-Mind, a variations of the Eternals' Uni-Mind, to take over a Celestial and use it to destroy the other Celestials. Thena's children are being held hostage, forcing her to work for Ghaur. However, they need Sersi's power to form the Anti-Mind. They begin when Kro's forces attack, freeing Sersi who sought out Dane. The Heroes agree to battle the Deviants (for a small fee).

Using their Atlantean connections, they arrange for a sub to transport them to Lemuria, with the exception of Dane who will ride Strider. Dane, himself, is slightly surprised when Strider is actually able to "fly" underwater and he does not drown.

They soon arrive at Lemuria and Sersi teleports them inside where they are greeted by Ghaur's force of both voluntary and controlled Deviants. They are overwhelmed.


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