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  • other captive Eternals (Unnamed)

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Synopsis for "Deviants Attack!"

Iron Fist, battling the Deviants, checks in on his team; Black Knight is unconscious and being carried away; Sersi confronts Ghaur, only to be defeated; Luke is pummeled by Karkas; White Tiger battles Ransak only to be taken out. Iron Fist is contemplating what his next move should be when he hears a voice, distracting him enough to let a Deviant knocks him to the ground. The voice speaks again, and an electric blast shoots from Danny's stomach, blowing the creature away. Kro and his rebellion forces appear, and Danny and Kro introduce themselves, each explainng their position. The voice speaks again, this time from Kro's gun, recommending retreat. Danny, Kro and the rebels escape. Ghaur is not bothered as his plans can now move forward with Sersi his prisoner.

The rebels return to their base camp and en route Danny and Kro exchange information. The voice speaks again and reveals himself to be Scott Lang, Ant-Man, who Jim Hammond had hired as a back-up and has been around since the beginning. Hammond also supplied him with YellowJacket's old bio-electric sting. Using one of Kro's much smaller, flying, followers (named Ignatz), Ant-Man goes on a reconnoitering mission. Ant-Man can even use his helmet to communicate with Kro.

The Black Knight is being held prisoner and has his life threatened by Ransak who is under Ghaur's control, bringing his darker impulses to the fore. Sersi has no choice but to give in to Ghaur's demands, and she and Thena begin to work together to alter every Deviant's brain so they can form the Anti-Mind.

Ant-Man finds White Tiger and Luke Cage who are being supervised by Karkas whose natural role as philosopher is being sublimated by Ghaur's control device. Ant-Man destroys the unit, freeing Karkas who then frees Luke and Tiger. They proceed to the throne room and Ant-Man sends the signal to Kro and Iron Fist, telling them to make their move. Danny and Kro are ready, with Danny claiming to only need one blow.

Ghaur's plan is near completion and he intends to sacrifice the other Eternals he's captured to form the Anti-Mind. He also orders the death of Dane who calls out "Avalon" which makes his armor, shield and sword disappear. He says it again and is ready to deal with Ransak who had been threatening him with his own sword.

Kro is struck down as he and most of the other Deviants are compelled to be part of the Anti-Mind.

Ant-Man finds Thena and Kro's daughter and son who are radiating light and dark, respectively. He's about to attempt a bio-electric beam to free them when he's attacked by an anteater-like Deviant who sucks him into its mouth. Ant-Man then blasts his way out of the mouth.

In the throne room, Karkas, Luke and Tiger meet up with Danny only to discover the Anti-Mind has already been formed. Karkas attacks his comrade Ransak, leaving Ghaur for the Heroes. The Black Knight uses his Shield of Night to absorb the Anti-Mind's psi-energy blasts and then re-channels it back using the Sword of Light. Ghaur is staggered but not defeated.

Suddenly, something calling themself the Dark Angel appears. Ant-Man's hot on its tail and reveals that Thena's children joined together to form the Dark Angel. The Dark Angel flies through the Anti-Mind. Thena, part of the Anti-Mind, breaks the psi-link and the Anti-Mind breaks into its component beings. Iron Fist destroys the machinery that made Ghaur's plan possible. The Heroes, plus Kro's forces, Sersi and Thena face off against Ghaur's forces.


  • In this issue, almost all of the Deviants in Lemuria were forced to join the Anti-Mind, as were Thena, Sersi, and several other Eternal captives who were not named or even shown clearly. Karnak and Ransak were not included, and humans (and tigers) were not affected. The Ritter twins were also not absorbed but they were changed enough that they later merged into a new composite form, the Dark Angel, that claimed to be the realization of their true potential.
  • Since Ghaur appeared to exist separately from the Anti-Mind, he was presumably never actually part of it but he did control it until Thena dispersed it.
  • After returning to their separate human forms, the Ritter twins were depicted with hair that was grey instead of blond.

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