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Quote1.png That's my daughter you're endangering! That's something you'd better be prepared to answer for -- to me and the rest of the Heroes for Hire! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "The Thunderbolts Take Over!"

The H4H team (consisting of Iron Fist, White Tiger, Luke, Black Knight and Ant-Man) along with Kro's rebel forces and the Eternals Thena and Seris battle Ghaur's forces. Ghaur calls for a stop to the battle. Since his plan to form the Anti-Mind has failed, he sees no point in pointless fighting and dismisses the heroes.

In the aftermath, Kro pleads that Thena and their children leave Lemuria and find a refuge. Thena agrees and realizes they need a neutral location. White Tiger suggests Wungadore, home of the High Evolutionary, revealing he is her creator. Thena agrees to go, with Tiger as her guide. Sersi and Dane have a spat and she teleports everyone away.

Luke, Danny, Dane and Scott pop up inside the Atlantean ship which brought them to Lemuria where the pilot has just received an urgent message from Jim Hammond. The Super-Adaptoid, which was being studied by Oracle, has broken free after Scott's daughter Cassies found it. It's absorbed her consciousness into itself and she's trapped inside, fighting it, keeping it from activating its array of stored powers. Even at top speed, it will take the Heroes several hours to return to New York.

Hammond contacts the Thunderbolts, who are actually the Masters of Evil in disguise, and asks for help. Jolt, the only member of the Thunderbolts who is not a villain in disguise, is absent. Citizen V, aka Baron Zemo, agrees, hoping to steal some of Oracle's secrets in the process.

Hammond greets Zemo and comments on how he worked with the original, WWII era, Citizen V before he was killed by the original Baron Zemo. Atlas worries that if Luke Cage should return, he might be recognized as the two had battled in the past and Cage took his name of Power Man. Zemo coerces Hammond into allowing Techno into the computer systems to download any need information.

In the sub basement where the Super-Adaptoid is being held, it is starting to recover some of its files, beginning to mimic the Avengers in apperance. When Atlas attacks it, it mimics him but in his Goliath persona. The Thunderbolts must now destroy the Adaptoid (and Cassie) lest their secret be revealed.

Techno trips some security systems and Hammond instructs him to join his teammates on the roof to where the Adaptoid has escaped. The Adaptoid has absorbed Cassie's body now, as well as her mind, and is mimicing all the Thunderbolts' villainous personas. Techno puts forward the theory that, without Cassie, the Adaptoid will revert to its standard Avengers settings. Zemo decides to destroy the girl, is called on it by Meteorite and then goes in for the kill. His sword is blasted out of his hand by a bio-electric blast.

Ant-Man grows to full size and the other Heroes arrive. The Black Knight, on Strider, paces MACH-1, ordering him to halt his attack. Techno claims that the Adaptoid's configuration is due to the fact it can't access all its files and is therefore acting faulty, using what files it can access. Songbird is about to be hit with her own sonic blast when the Black Knight saves her and redirects the energy back. Atlas and Cage double team the Adaptoid, Cage commenting on how he no longer goes by Power Man, claiming to have gotten it from some dork.

Ant-Man and Zemo are faced off. Meteorite suggests that Scott try and reach his daughter and have her defeat the machine from inside. Danny and Techno's attack on the Adaptoid has no effect. It has finally reached full power and is ready to destroy all who face it and then go on to destroy Captain America and the Avengers. Scott is able to reach Cassie and she shuts the machine down. The Thunderbolts take the Super-Adaptoid into custody and manipulate the media to cast themselves into a better light. However, Hammond has his suspicions about the Thunderbolts...


  • In the panel where the Thunderbolts first show up, at the bottom of the page a small text homages their title's artist: "With all my admiration for Mr. Bagley PF". The following page also namedrops the writer: "And before you can say Kurt Busiek..."
  • The events in this issue take place between Thunderbolts #9 and Vol 1 10.

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