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Appearing in "Revelations (Book One)"

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Synopsis for "Revelations (Book One)"

The White Tiger, Thena and Thena's children discover Wungadore almost destroyed. They are attacked by the Acolytes and struck down by their leader, the mad Exodus.

In New York, at Oracle Inc, Jeryn Hogarth, Oracle's legal counsel claims he's retiring and his new partner will be now handling Oracle's legal matters. Mrs Arbogast, the new office manager, indicates Hogarth's partner has arrived. Jim Hammond tells Hogarth how Danny recently quit the team over a dispute about Ant-Man's presence and the leadership of the team. When Mrs. Arbogast shows in H4H's new lawyer, it's none other than Jennifer Walters, aka the She-Hulk, who makes it clear she's there for strictly legal purposes. Mrs. Arbogast then shows in Namor, one of the many heroes who has recently returned from the dead.

In Avalon, Dane seeks help from the Lady of the Lake in locating the Inhuman Crystal, whom he is in love with. The Lady will not help and she predicts future heart ache for the Knight.

Luke Cage is in his office at the Gem Theater, discussing the recent events (the battle with the Deviants, the return of the heroes, the Thunderbolts being revealed to be the Masters of Evil) with the Master. Luke refuses to call the Master "master" and so the Master suggests Luke refer to him as Eshu, his birthname, which he hasn't gone by in millennia. Their conversation is interrupted by Luke's friend D.W. who has brought a boy named Julio Montoya to see him. Julio tells of a dangerous and amnesiac man who helps protect his family and neighborhood but whom the government may be hunting down. Julio asks Luke to protect his friend. Luke agrees for the price of one dollar.

At Oracle, Namor and Jim are having a chat. Hammond will remain in charge of Oracle, while Namor pursues other matters. They have a good laugh over Hammond's extra facial hair. In Danny's home, he and Misty are having a heart-to-heart when he mystically transports them to K'un Lun briefly. He reveals that, in the days of despair after Onslaught, he sought to protect the Earth and bring it hope. He began a ceremony which will bring K'un Lun to Earth in the year 2000. When that happens, all technology will fail, and the people will be forced to obey the monarchs Yu-Ti and the Dragon Kings. Danny created the Heroes to act as the "knights of the round table of K'un Lun" as it were. The bonding experience is tied into his very life force. The only way for K'un Lun not to come to Earth would be for Danny to be dead. Danny now hopes he can counter K'un Lun when it arrives and so he returns to the Heroes.

Danny doesn't tell Hammond what's going on, but the two do meet with a representative of the government who asks them to bring in the Punisher, the same man that Luke Cage agreed to protect.

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