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Luke Cage
All right.

But I call the shots, got it?

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Iron Fist
Okay. But no killing.

Right, Luke? Okay, Castle?

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Appearing in "Conflict of Interest!"

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  • Pistols


  • Police van

Synopsis for "Conflict of Interest!"

White Tiger, Thena, and Thena's children are being held captive in the Wungadore Citadel by Exodus who psionically interrogates Tiger. When Exodus threatens her children, Thena unleashes her anger and she and Tiger break free and battle the Acolytes. Thena uses her own psionic powers against Exodus who then claims he has all the information from Tiger's mind he needs. He sets them free, believing they'll never make it down the mountain alive.

At Oracle Inc, the Black Knight has been called away to the Avengers, Ant-Man is on leave spending time with his daughter and Luke Cage is not answering his phone. Danny and Jennifer (Walters, aka She-Hulk) are interviewing a US Marshall who had attempted to capture the amnesiac Punisher. The Marshals had stumbled into a trap set by Castle who then saved their lives.

Hammond agrees to accept the contract and asks Jennifer for help as She-Hulk. She declines as she is there strictly in her capacity as a lawyer and the Avengers have called her. Danny decides to take on Castle alone.

In one of New York's many abandoned buildings, Frank Castle rests, trying to figure out just who he is. When he hears footsteps, he lets loose a barrage of bullets which slightly annoy Luke Cage. Luke explains that he was hired by the Punisher's friend Julio to protect him. Danny shows up, dodging the Punisher's shots. Danny and Luke argue over which client should take priority. Danny suggests a compromise when Castle comments that he has only one mission left. Danny and Luke will help Castle with his mission and then peacefully turn him over to the authorities.

The three wipe out a crackhouse belonging to a local gang and Castle goes into custody. He later escapes and Danny and Luke turn down the government's offer to attempt a second capture.

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