Herr Hitzig was a Nazi officer located in Warsaw. One night, the disturbance caused when young Jewish boy Avner was found smuggling food caught his attention.

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During his prime

Hitzig offered Avner to give him fresh food for his family if he gave the names of the other people he was with, who managed to escape before he was caught. Avner gave the name of Levi Weinlaub, even though he was also being accompained by Max Eisenhardt. After telling Avner to pick up the stolen food he had dropped, Hitzig shot him in the back of his head.[1]

Over the following months, Max would train himself to use his powers to kill Hitzig, but would never be able to do so.[2] Years later Max, now known as Magneto, sent Wolverine on a mission to kill Hitzig after discovering the existence of his X-Force. Wolverine tracked him down to Brasil and killed him there. Max would later see the body for himself.[3]

Decades later, when the Red Skull captured Max, now the vigilante Magneto, he used the memories of Hitzig to mentally torture Max.[4]

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