Herr Horner was a high ranking Nazi official during World War II. In the spring of 1941, Horner pretended to defect from Nazi Germany, arriving in the United Kingdom and asking to see Lord Danvers. In reality, he sought to capture Danvers and bring him back to Germany, as a way of silencing the British publisher from printing anymore anti-Nazi material. Invited into Danvers' home, Horner snuck his colleague, Gestapo agent Cramm into Danvers' home. Spotted by Headline Hunter, he attempted to stop their plot. Knocking the reporter out. they captured Danvers and attempted to take him back to Germany. Hunter caught up to the two German spies and knocked them out until military police could arrive and arrest them. They were to be incarcerated in the Tower of London.[1]

Horners' fate following World War II is unrecorded.


Horner was armed with a Luger.

Rodney Huss (Herr Huss) was another false defector.

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