Herr Radder was a Nazi spy active during World War II. Stationed in New York City in the fall of 1943, he and his agents began moving the illuminated markers around a reef near a port in order to sink American ships returning to the States. After the fourth sinking, the Sub-Mariner was called in to investigate. While he prevented another sinking, the Nazi spies got away in the process.

Later, when Herr Radder read in the newspaper that the Sub-Mariner had a lead on where the Nazis were hiding out, Radder and his men setup a trap for the hero. Having one of his men pose as an injured man, Radder and his men got the drop on Namor, hitting him over the head with a typewriter and taking the seemingly unconscious Atlantean to their hideout to be disposed of. This however, as all part of Namor's plan, who was playing possum the whole time. At the Nazis' hideout, Namor sprung into action, subduing Radder's minions.

Radder fled during the fight and tried to escape in a speedboat, however Namor caught up to him. Knocking Radder out, Namor wrecked the rudder on his boat and jumped ship. When Radder came around, he thought he had defeated the Sub-Mariner and attempted to continue his escape when he realized he could no longer steer his boat. Radder's boat then drove into a mine field, and he was killed in the explosion.[1]

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