Herr Schmutz was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. In the early days of 1944, he and his minions began tainting blood donated to the Red Cross from American citizens to be used in war hospitals in Europe. To this end, they set up a secret hideout along the shipping route and planted their agents as truckers. When the shipments passed inspection, the supplies of blood were driven to the hideout and then replaced with previously obtained samples that had been poisoned.

When American troops injured during combat in Italy were given the tainted blood as transfusions and killed, the military allowed the Human Torch and Toro to investigate stateside to see what they could learn. Discovering the secret operation, the Torch sent Toro to get the FBI while he tried to round-up Schmutz and his men. Schmutz coated the Torch in flame-retarding chemicals that hardened into a shell around his body and took him prisoner.

Fleeing back to a Nazi U-Boat waiting to take him back to Nazi Germany, Schmutz and his minions were opposed by Toro, who forced them to crash their car. Able to free his companion, Toro and the Torch prevented Schmutz and the U-Boat crew from escaping and turned them over to the authorities.[1]

Schmutz's subsequent fate is unknown.

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