Herr Schnapps was a German intelligence agent during the second World War.

In the summer of 1941, Schnapps held a meeting in which they discussed about the freeing of German P.O.W.'s. Schnapps raised the idea to hire a ship captain who would transport the prisoners back to Germany. Later that day, Schnapps drove in hurry to the prison to accompany the captain, until he was stopped by the Sub-Mariner, who advised him to drive safely, due to the many car- and shipaccidents in the last time.

Now accompanied by the Sub-Mariner he drove to his ship where he and his men entered the ship together with the Sub-Mariner. Schnapps was then taken prisoner himself, after the Sub-Mariner found the German P.O.W. under the deck, defeated the captain, and freed the prisoners who became mutinous.

He was later freed, after one of the Nazi P.O.W.'s recognised the Sub-Mariner from an other adventure and told his comrades about it. Laughing and thinking that the Sub-Mariner had no chance against the wrath of the P.O.W.'s, he was, along with the captain, finally defeated.

Herrn Schnapps' fate following the war is unknown.


Red car

The car license plate of his car is "913-7"

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