Herr Snupp was a Nazi sent to the United States to lead the Unholy Legion, a group of spies to undermine the U.S. war effort. He and his minions disguised themselves as homeless people and panhandled to fund their efforts.

After assassinating a few individuals, Snupp and his minions were spotted by Captain America and Bucky while in their civilian disguises as Steve Rogers and James Barnes. Barnes was sent by Rogers to investigate the strange group but was captured. He was eventually saved by Rogers. While the pair captured Snupp's men, Snupp fled the scene and tried to escape via a hidden Nazi U-Boat. Rogers and Bucky boarded the sub, however, and forced to Snupp to flee it.

Snupp freed his minions and fought Rogers and Bucky again. Snupp and his men were eventually defeated by Rogers and Bucky and turned over to the authorities.[1] His current whereabouts are unknown.


Formerly a Nazi U-Boat

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