The man known as Herr Swastika was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. In 1945 he and a group of other spies built a secret hideout in the Great Lakes region near Niagara Falls. They constructed small one-man submarines one-man submarines that were disguised as turtles and used them to commit acts of sabotage, mostly targeting freighters bringing ore mined from Canada down to the United States. The attacks left the authorities baffled and the Sub-Mariner was called in to help figure out how the spies were destroying the ships.

Namor discovered two of the turtle subs and destroyed them, their crew members killing themselves before they could be questioned. Running across his friend Betty Dean (who coincidentally was hunting in the area) the pair were spotted by Herr Swastika and his men. They eventually captured the pair and locked them up in a cell away from water so that Namor would dehydrate. Herr Swastika then left his prisoners in order to lead an army of turtle subs to attack the water purification facility located at Niagara Falls.

Namor and Betty managed to break out of their cell and follow after Herr Swastika and his men. Destroying the subs, Namor captured Herr Swastika and turned him over to the authorities.[1] His subsequent fate is unknown.


Herr Swastika's Turtle Subs

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