Heven (Tenth Realm) from Angela Asgard's Assassin Vol 1 5 001

The City of Heven.

Heven was one of the Ten Realms. Its inhabitants, the Angels, waged a war against Asgard. After the Queen of Angels seemingly killed his newborn infant, Aldrif, Odin used his powers to cut off Heven from the other Nine Realms and Yggdrasil.[1]

In his hatred, Odin spat a curse upon the Angels, a curse wrought of the Odinforce to bind them from forever returning home, anchoring them deeper in the void. The Odinforce Curse was so powerful that the Angels used it to power their world.[2]

The entry to Heven was later reopened by Thor and Loki.[1] With the Odinforce Curse gone, the engine that once powered Heven now threatened to implode. Desperate, the Queen of Angels sought Angela's aid, but she refused to help despite the Queen's offers.[2] Eventually, Angela invaded Heven and purified her sister from Surtur's essence in the city's furnace, paying her debt with Heven by powering the city's engine and ending the threat.[3]



  • Angels believed Earth was only a legend, similar to some humans' view of Heaven.[4]

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