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The Hex are a group of Eternals whose identities are <CLASSIFIED>. Aside from the fact that there are six of them, little is known of this group, and their exact function within the Machine has not yet been revealed.[1]

Hex members do not participate when the other (non-Excluded) Eternals join together to form Uni-Minds. As such, when an election of the Prime Eternal was recently held, Druig reported to Thanos that the members of the Hex were, "Of course, unavailable."[2]


  • The fact that the identities of the six Hex members are classified was presented as part of an ongoing narration that the Machine, which is not fully operational due to recent sabotage, has been providing to unspecified humans (i.e., the readers) who it believes are watching the Eternals. As such, it is unclear whether or not the other Eternals actually know who the Hex members are and/or what they do.

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