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The Hierophants are the highest power in the Temple of the Anchorites, where the few male Angels of Heven are kept to be protected and pray for the souls of the fallen Angels.

In her early days in the Temple of the Anchorites, the always curious Sera was caught spying on a Hierophant on the Temple's furnace. As the Hierophant who discovered her was about to punish her for it, Sera used a spell out of fear and threw the Hierophant into the furnace, killing her.[1] Sera escaped the temple with Angela's help after Sera saved her life during the battle against the monster that was devouring Anchorites.[2]

While Angela and Sera were hunting a fugitive in the Scintilant Sylvanias, a Hierophant confronted the wingless Angel, demanding her to return Sera to the Temple of the Anchorites, even offering information about what became of Angela's mother, Loriel, in exchange for Sera. However, Angela refused the offer and attacked the deity instead. Defeated, the Hierophant vanished, vowing to take revenge against Angela for having defied the Temple.[3]

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