Quote1 High Noon, Tex! Quote2
-- Death's Head

Appearing in "High Noon Tex"

Featured Characters:


  • Tex (Only appearance; dies)[1]


Synopsis for "High Noon Tex"

Working as a freelance peacekeeping agent on Scarvix, Death's Head was hired to kill a farmer, destroy his livelihood, and burn all his possessions. His brother, Tex, apparently took it personally. When Tex came looking for Death's Head at his office, the mechanoid had rigged a dummy with a copious amount of explosives. After blowing Tex to kingdom come, Death's Head walked away shaking his head, thinking on how some people had no sense of humor.


  • About six months after[2] Simon Furman started developing a "bounty hunter" character for Transformers (UK) #113 (May 1987) published by Marvel UK under the license from Hasbro, he decided to create a story for the character independent of the Transformers brand to avoid claims of ownership by Hasbro. The one page comic "High Noon Tex" was thus created and later published in various Marvel UK magazines.[3] In particular, this strip was printed in Transformers (UK) #167 (May 1988) and Dragon's Claws #3 (September 1988).
  • This story was reprinted in Incomplete Death's Head #1.
  • The names Scarvix of the planet and Lang Building of the building where Death's Head had an office were given in Death's Head #1.

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