High Technician was once a student of The High Evolutionary who worked out of the High Evolutionary's abandoned base in the Savage Land, experimenting on dinosaurs. At some point, The High Technician worked with A.I.M., who provided power to his base in exchange for mining rights. The base was discovered by Falcon, and the High Technician captured Falcon by using Lorelei to mind control him.

Showing Falcon around the base he revealed his experiment to convert dinosaurs into a humanoid form, and had sent them out to capture Captain America. However the High Technician feared their failure and sent out the Falcon to lure him to the base to mind control him as well. However, after they arrived at the base it was revealed the Falcon had never been under the High Technician's control and Falcon knocked him out as Terminus arrived.

The Saur Lords attempted to protect the High Technician from Terminus. However they failed and Terminus brought the High Technician to other AIM agents, who planned to sedate him. Captain America was sure that the High Technician would never work with AIM again after their betrayal. Black Panther didn't like the idea to make a deal with the High Technician and stayed behind to help the Savage Land. [1]

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