The Higher Evolutionary was created by the High Evolutionary using his own genetic material in order to create something better than his New Men. However, the Higher Evolutionary possessed compassion, something his creator considered a flaw. The Higher Evolutionary also cared for the New Men that inhabited Counter-Earth. When the High Evolutionary planned to eliminate the New Men, the Higher Evolutionary objected. The High Evolutionary punished his creation by hooking him up to the Orbit-Engine, which regulated Counter-Earth's orbit positioned many miles underground; if he removed himself from the machine, Counter-Earth would be destroyed. So, the Higher Evolutionary chose to remain in the Orbit Engine so the New Men he cared about didn't perish.[1]

The Avengers and Champions went into the chamber where the Orbit-Engine was to prevent the High Evolutionary's mad plan to collide Earth with Counter-Earth. While the two teams held off a team of New Men that guarded the way toward the Orbit-Engine, Vision's daughter Viv of the Champions snuck off and found the Orbit-Engine and the Higher Evolutionary. The Higher Evolutionary explained his origins and the reason why he was connected to the Orbit-Engine. Viv was able to convince the Higher Evolutionary to remove himself for the Orbit-Engine and stop it so both of their worlds weren't destroyed. He told Viv that only he was resilient enough to get close enough to the machine to turn it off. When the Avengers and Champions arrived, the Higher Evolutionary accused Viv of lying to him and attacked her allies. So, Viv chose to deactivate the machine by sacrificing herself to do that, foiling the High Evolutionary's plan.[1]


  • Superhuman Strength: The Higher Evolutionary has demonstrated great strength as he was easily able to break the restraints that kept connected to the Orbit-Engine.[1]
  • Superhuman Durability: He has a great deal of durability as he was uninjured when hit by Young Cyclops' optic blast.[1]
  • Optic Blasts: He was is able to project optic beams from his eyes.[1]


The Higher Evolutionary is not very trusting of outsiders and will attack them if he views them as a threat.[1]


Body armor similar to the armor his "father" wears

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